Changes in the Tesco Direct online store

Tesco wants to introduce changes that will be next facilities for the customers. This time hotspots are supposed to appear in order to provide access to the network. Besides, novelties can be found in Tesco Direct.


Hotspots in Tesco are going to allow to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. The changes will also affect Tesco Direct, the online store. It is now offering, practically all products that are available in stationary stores. That means that we can purchase there, without any problems, groceries, clothing, electronics and cosmetics.

Most likely, the options of online shopping will be soon expanded. It will be more fitted to the needs of individual clients. Thus, the differences between stationary stores, and those remote ones will be greatly reduced. Comfort of buying will be almost equal.

Comments will be very important possibility. Option of adding, reading and exchanging remarks is going to help in further improvements of the store.

Detailed history of purchases will be also available. The history will be also very useful for Tesco itself. It will help to determine more quickly and efficiently, which products are most often purchased and when customers reach for them. This in turn, will allow to match possible promotions with the needs of the customers. What's more, it is planned to introduce gifts lists and promotional campaigns, during which bonus points will be collected and exchanged for prizes.