Greenpeace attacked Mattel

The world's largest toy producers found themselves under the fire from environmentalists. Greenpeace accused Mattel and Lego that their toy packings contribute to environmental degradation.


The answer was not long to wait ... Greenpeace’s action brought against Mattel was very spectacular. Ken publicly broke up with Barbie, "I do not want to get involved with women supporting rainforest logging". According to environmentalists Mattel’s toy packings are manufactured from wood that is acquired from cutting down the rainforests. Nowadays, when so much emphasis is put on ecological activities, such a procedure is unacceptable. After the publicity of the case by Greenpeace and thousands of emails that regarded this issue, sent by Internet users from around the world, Mattel declared to address the issue and solve it as soon as possible.

Also Lego company, the most famous bricks manufacturer in the world, has been accused by Greenpeace of contributing to environmental degradation. This time the response was immediate. The company declared that they were withdrawing all packagings, which could in any way harm the environment.

Since then its products are to be packaged in recycled boxes with a special FCS logo, confirming that the materials, it has been made of have been obtained within the framework of rational forest management.