Ranking of the youngest millionaires in the UK

Ranking of the youngest millionaires in the UK has been created recently. People included in it were not only the heirs of fortunes, but also those, who owe their wealth to their own work. How do they do that?


The undisputed leaderis Thomas Person who is the grandson of the founder of the brand, which is popular also in Poland, H&M. His fortune is estimated at 700 million pounds. But the names which attracted the greatest attention were the names of the stars. Young actors and singers are doing very well being aware that theyowe their fortune onlyto themselves.

On the top of the ranking, as for the stars was 21-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, well known from Harry Porter movies. He have already acquired 48 million pounds. Other actors who were in the top ten are Robert Pattinson occupying 9th place, thanks to his role in the vampire saga "Twilight "he earned 32 million pounds, and Keira Knightley known mostly from the "Pirates of the Caribbean ". She is closing the top ten with 30 million pounds on her bank account.

Further down the ranking were not only actors, but also singers. Most young millionaires originate from music industry. Stars like Duffy, Joss Stone, Adele, Katie Melua and Amy Winehouse couldn’t have been omitted. Of course, princes William and Harry appeared on the list too. However, it should be added, that their wealth is estimated mainly on the basis of the value of the properties, which they are entitled to because of their titles.